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Money is becoming the most wanted thing in everyone’s life and no matter how much is there we still keep hoping and wishing that we had even more. To be honest, more than what really matters such as happiness, love, fulfillment and so on, money matters the most. For reaching this state we can blame no one because it’s true that money is something without which life is impossible.

But are we spending this hard-earned money in the right way? Definitely not. The money that we spend is becoming more than the money that we earn among which one undeniable expense that every household need to face every month is the electricity bill.

Have you ever thought that half your expense will be saved if you just save the thousand dollar electricity bill every month? If so, then now you have an opportunity to make it true.

The Ultimate Energizer Guide is a DIY that comes with unique and useful instructions to help you construct your own power generator at home and thus save money like never before. 

Know About The The Ultimate Energizer Guide

Creating electricity isn’t an easy thing to do, at least that is what we all have been thinking all these years. But the truth is, with proper materials and safe& clear instructions we can create the source that can give us unlimited power supply and thus reduce our cost of expense on our electricity bills.

The Ultimate Energizer Guide is a beneficial DIY guide that lets you construct your own power generator at a very less cost and that too at the comfort of your home.

This guide helps you create a power generating system that can run without relying on solar power or wind power or gasoline and this guide takes this knowledge of creating such a cost-effective generator to people and makes everyone understand it easily.

The generator that you construct out of this system works by tapping into the earth’s magnetic core and it takes hardly four hours to build this generator. As the tip of the iceberg, this simple device isn’t that large and is also portable.

Other electricity sources demand maintenance every once in a while where this generator is entirely maintenance-free. And compared to other conventional energy resources, this one is extremely cost effective as well as less complicated.

the ultimate energizer guide free download

The Working Behind This Generator 

This generator is entirely different from other conventional power generators. There is a free energy magnet motor in this that makes use of natural properties to generate energy and this is done by repelling the magnetic poles in order to build a perpetual motion. 

The permanent magnets are used to create an environment to defy the gravitational force and this makes you consume energy from the environment around you and not through the magnet.

Through the perpetual motion, the gears keep rotating which makes the wheels and belts to rotate from where mechanical energy is generated. This mechanical energy is channeled through an alternator and thereby converted into electrical energy and used at home.

Another main factor of this generator is that you can use this generator to create more power so as to meet your electricity demands.

What Makes The Ultimate Energizer Guide A Must-Have?

  • There is a planned blueprint for everything starting from the model to construction to usage so you do not have to worry about how to make it work.
  • This stands as an exception from all the conventional generators and this can run without the help of solar power or wind power which makes it cool.
  • This simple generator will be able to withstand all kinds of tough weather and give you the unlimited power supply that you always want.


  • Takes no more than four hours to construct this generator.
  • Cost-effective and easy to operate.
  • Zero maintenance.
  • Save nearly 70% of your total expenses every month.
  • Safe to use as well as construct.
  • Anyone can construct a super working generator with the help of this guide.


  • Make sure you read the entire guide before starting your construction.
  • You can build this generator only if you are ready to dedicate 4 complete hours for it.
  • This guide is available only online so make sure you have an internet connection to use it. 

the ultimate energizer guide free pdf


Saving up money that is spent on huge electricity bills can be really tough. What if there is really a way that can let you save up more money like never before? The Ultimate Energizer Guide is a beneficial guide that is going to teach you through easy steps as to how to make your own power generator with an extremely low cost. 

If there is some way by which you can cut down your expense it is this DIY as this practice helps you save up to 70% of your expenses and that too every month.  

Now, the decision lies entirely on your hands. You can choose to but this guide and save some money for real or continue paying unbearable electricity bills every month and keep worrying about it. Choose to do the right thing, choose The Ultimate Energizer Guide. 

the ultimate energizer guide free download

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